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A Handful of Dust

2007 Stratford Season

Just a heads-up that the 2007 Stratford playbill is going to be announced this Thursday, October 5th! Hopefully it will appear on their website (www.stratfordfestival.ca) sometime that day. Also, a few of Richard Ouzounian's articles in the Toronto Star have mentioned some of next year's plays:


Clicky again!

On a related note, I was finally able to make it to Stratford back in August, and I had a wonderful time. I saw Oliver, Coriolanus, South Pacific, London Assurance, The Glass Menagerie, Harlem Duet, Fanny Kemble, The Blonde, The Brunette, and the Vengeful Readhead, Ghosts, The Liar, and Don Juan. I enjoyed all of the shows, but my favorites were probably Glass Menagerie, Don Juan, London Assurance, The Liar, and Harlem Duet. I'd give a more detailed review of everything but I'm sure most people who had Stratford trips planned this year have already gone! That and I have to work on an English paper.

One last thing -- if you ever find yourself in Stratford in mid-August, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check out the after-theatre cabarets at the Church. We went three nights in a row this year and had an absolute blast. They're run through Stratford Summer Music (www.stratfordsummermusic.ca), and are probably the most fun you can have outside of the actual Festival productions.
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